Elks of Ireland

“The earth has music for those who listen” - George Santayana, philosopher

What we do.

This story begins with stiff old hands knitting skillfully and swiftly in time for a new arrival.  It's amazing that no matter where in the world a baby is born, the same experience is reflected of a woman knitting clothes or blankets for a new baby. It's not just a cardigan or blanket - it is an act of love that will keep baby warm and safe. Elks started as a singe act of love, a mother making a blanket for her daughter, and it has continued from there. Now we have over 20 knitters and seamstresses, all women working from home (many grannies), who have never stopped knitting.   

Our designs are an expression of the urban and rural, the wild and constructed. Using high quality materials and fabrics, designed by the Elks highly skilled team with pencil in hand reflecting our surroundings, each Elks piece is completely unique and limited in number.

Workshop visits
Please come and visit us in our workshop in Dublin! We'll put the coffee machine on, just contact us before hand to let us know when you plan to drop by. Kids are welcome to come and try things on. We are mostly in the workshop from Monday to Friday, but we can organise Saturday visits if necessary. 

Elks of Ireland, Unit E, 49a Leinster Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6 (by appointment only). email workshop@elks.ie  ph +353 1 496 7444  /  +353 87 968 4976.